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About DIS, Inc

Setscans, was created by Ray Epperson, owner of Action Blueprint Company, Inc. Action Blueprint, from Atlanta, GA, has been the leading edge Company of reprographic technologies and services for over 35 years and Ray himself for over 45 years. Click on Ray Epperson to see more info on the owner or click on the AB logo to see more information on Action Blueprint and look them up at the Better Business Bureau.

Setscans application 'DIS SOFTWARE' was created from market driven demands in conjunction with several major construction, engineers, architects, and reprographic companies. The DIS SOFTWARE now available offers a user friendly HTML Retrieval method for digital document customers. With this document management software user is able to retrieve scanned images (or any digital file; jpg, gif, pdf, dwg, dgn, etc..) from links named and titled to sheet, project and company information. Software removes a minimum of one weeks work time attempting to create the comparable delivery methods of production similar output.


Ray Epperson

Better Business Bureau

Action Blueprint Company
2075 Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324


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