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Listed below are three options for processing your projects with DIS SOFTWARE. Click on each job to view the different methods available.

Option A - The TIF files are available for viewing with this method. By simply clicking on a sheet file number, the file is available for viewing as well as down-loading the file. The file may be saved to your hard drive and printed depending on your needs. The original files on the web can not be changed, but possible if down-loaded. Clients can use mark-up tools in Kodak Imaging to cloud or make notes on the drawings. These mark-ups can be saved and e-mailed to speed up corrections. An on-line order form is available for submitting print orders.

Option B - The only TIF file available for viewing with this method is the cover/index sheet. The tif files for all other sheets have not been up-loaded. This method will allow you to see the sheet numbers and descriptions for each page but will not allow you to actually view the files. The on-line order form is still available to submit print orders.

Option C - This method will allow you to view the files and download them. However, program will have resized image and it is at a low resolution. Images will not be legible if printed and will not be to scale.

Order processing provided by

  • Global Access of Plan and Specifications
  • HTML Retrieval Pages
  • Cost Effectiveness

Some Common Uses:

  • Bid Sets Distribution
  • Project Management, Access, Markups, Print Request
  • Construction

Other Requirements:

  • Hosted Web Site

  • or
  • Contact DIS for web directory to store files.

  • Special discounts available when combined with DIS Software.
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 + or Netscape 5.0+

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