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The services offered by the system are focused at upon two different types of users within the blueprint and re-production industry.

Reproduction Houses
The system provides tools for reproduction houses, architects, general contractors and developers to organize all their digital images with a standard format, naming convention, directory structure, etc. 'Projects' of digital images, scans, PDF files, etc. may also be distributed to end users via the Internet or other digital medium. Finally, scan orders may be taken over the web and managed on-line along with customer history, status and project access.

Specifically, the provides the following services to reproduction houses.

The ability to:

  • Provide a standard naming convention for scans and other digital images.
  • Arrange scans and digital images for distribution (i.e. by discipline) or for just general disk organization.
  • Bulk Conversion of scans to JPG images for distribution or web thumb nailing.
  • Distribute scans to customers via the web or any other digital medium.
  • Receive and manage scan orders via the world wide web.
  • Assign a Reporduction houses to field scan orders on a project by project basis.
  • Maintain client order history.
  • Maintain lists of project bidders and contractors, scan distribution history and more!
  • Post projects and/or scans to the world wide web for customer review, order, bid, etc.
  • Maintain a unique home page for your projects and general contact information.
  • Web projects may be accessed by an external URL suitable for posting in newspaper, other web-site etc. for project dissemination
  • Maintain project access lists and security, view reports of project viewing by customers and trade.
  • Post RFP request information to the world wide web.

Reproduction House Customers
The system provides the ability for reproduction house customers and sub-contractors to receive company and project information over the web or other digital medium. These Customers may browse reproduction house projects, view contact lists and other company information, and order scans on-line.

Specifically, the provides the following services to reproduction houses customers.

The ability to:

  • View a reproduction companies information and list of key project contacts.
  • View projects by discipline and revision.
  • View blueprint scans as thumbnails for quick blueprint ordering.
  • Submit project blueprint orders/requests for bid or implementation purposes.
  • Receive full quality scan images electronically via the world wide web.
  • Obtain Request for Purchase (RFP) documentation.

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